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Aromatherapy Wax Tablets - Dragon's Blood

Wax burner tablets are an alternative to fragrance oils and incense. This model, called "Dragon's Blood", reminds us of a mixture of scents between incense and strawberry, and even gummy. Box with 15 tablets. If you want to know how they are used and what advantages they have, read the complete description below.

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Wax tablets, another way to use aromatherapy

Wax tablets with the aroma of a mixture of incense, strawberry or jelly beans.
Wax pills have several advantages over oils and incense. The advantage that stands out the most is durability, since they last much longer. By putting several pills in your burner, you can enjoy its aroma for days, unlike oils and incenses that last for hours.
How are they used?
They are used the same as fragrance oils, and the same burners can be used. Just add a few pills (the number varies depending on the size of your burner) and light the candle. In a few seconds they will melt and begin to release their aroma.
How do you clean?
You may think that the wax will stick to the burner and you will not be able to remove it in case you want to alternate between wax and oils. True, but it has a trick. Put the burner in the freezer for about 30 minutes, when the wax freezes it will release from the burner. You can keep it again to use it another day.
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Aromatherapy Wax Tablets - Dragon's Blood
In Stock 5 Items