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What is LissAngel?

Beautiful and Design Stationery

Since 2015, we are specialists in the distribution of stationery to individuals. In our online store you will only find different stationery, lovely design, stationery to fall in love.

LissAngel is an online-only store, where you can directly buy any product that you see available.

We continually bring new products and brands to surprise you.

Original Stationery Gifts

In addition, we are specialists in surprising. We have a series of special surprise boxes, which are the ideal gift for any student or stationery and beautiful things lover.

Our surprise boxes are the best-selling products in our store.

We are in Spain

If you are in Spain, you will receive your orders very quickly, because all our stock is here (in Majorca specifically).

We are a Spanish company, we pay taxes in Spain. Buying here, your money does not go abroad or to tax havens :)

Fair shipping costs

Being in Mallorca is a great inconvenience for us, because shipping to the rest of Spain costs us twice as much as other stores that are already on the peninsula. Even so, we have negotiated very cheap shipping costs, which are also FREE with several modalities:

International Shipments

Not in Spain? It does not matter! We ship to practically all Europe and many other countries around the world.

Shipping costs depend on the total weight of your order and the country of destination. We are going to charge you exactly what the transport company charges us.

Also, do you know that you can check the final amount of your order without even registering or leaving any data?

Those who buy, repeat :)

We are proud to be able to tell you that practically all the clients who have placed orders with us have ended up very happy with the treatment received from us and, above all, happy with the products purchased.

And no, we don't say it, they say it. Read the reviews section! All are reviews written by the clients themselves.

Our product photos

Why do our customers like our store so much? One of the reasons is because of our photos. This is costing us a lot of space on our server, but we know it's worth it :)

New products constantly, for you

We try to continually add new products, as well as new brands.

At LissAngel we don't just limit ourselves to "fancy" stationery products. Because not all pretty stationery has to cost a lot. Here you will find everything, cheap and quality beautiful stationery.

In addition, we sometimes like to bring extremely original and different products imported directly from the United States, Japan, etc.

Would you like us to bring something special? We love that you write us with your suggestions!

Follow us on social networks!

Although we cannot dedicate all the time we would like to, we are mostly present on Instagram. Also on Facebook.

Unfortunately, we do not have physical time to be in more social networks :(

If you follow us and share photos and reviews of your orders on Instagram, you will make us very happy :)

Don't miss our YouTube channel where we post extra short videos of our products! It will look like you are watching them live!

Don't forget our Newsletter!

Our Newsletter is one of the best ways to stay up to date on our news, offers, special promotions, etc. Also, signing up for it has a discount.
10% discount!

Are you ready to buy stationery?

We do not know if we have convinced you with all this information. What we do know is that we are here for you, to satisfy your needs and to make you happy.

So... what do you decide?





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