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Graphic explanation of our affiliates system

What is our affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is a complete system in which after you have registered totally free, you can get one or several unique links for you with which you can send us visits from your website, blog, social network, etc.

For whom it is?

Our affiliate program is for anyone who has a website, blog, social network account, YouTube channel, mailing list, or any other medium from which you can post links.

Why sign up to our affiliate program?

We have several advantages that we are sure you will like:

- Earn 5% for each completed sale of referrals sent by you.
- If a visitor makes a purchase through your referral link, it will be automatically and forever linked to you. You will earn 5% of all future orders that this client can make, without expiration.
- Accumulate only € 20 in commissions and from there, you decide whether to accumulate more or collect them.
- Charge your commissions directly in your bank account or in discount vouchers to spend in LissAngel.com, you choose.

Do I have to fill out my website with banners everywhere?

It is not necessary! Our affiliate system is very flexible. We will offer you a few nice banners already made by us. But the advantage is that you can also link us with any text link, direct to any product in our store or to the home page

For example, maybe you are writing an article in your blog where you talk about original notebooks. It would be enough if you put a link to one of our notebooks in one of your sentences. Example: "Surfing the Internet, we found this notebook (your referral link) that we loved."

That way, if one of your visits click on your affiliate link, the referral is activated for 30 days. If that referral completes a purchase within those 30 days, you will get a 5% commission and also will be activate the "Referral for life", so you will receive 5% for everything buyed by that visit in the future.

Easy, right?

With this system you can put your referral links in the way you want, in images, photos, banners, text ads, within your articles, etc. You put the limits.

Ok! You've convinced me. How do I sign up?

To sign up is very simple, it is enough for you to register as a client in LissAngel. Once registered go to your account, you must request registration in the affiliate system. Image example:

Become affiliate and earn money now!

Once the registration is requested, we will look at your request and review your web page. We manually review all requests. We will answer you by email whether we have approved your request or not to inform you.

If your request has been approved, we will send you a short manual where we explain in detail how everything works, so you do not have any doubts. You will see that it is very simple!






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