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Oh My Alpaca Erasers


Alpacas are lovely animals, that is the reason why we always look for alpaca shaped products. So we already have another model of erasers in the shape of alpacas! Choose between four colors and enjoy these original erasers. Why does he put "Llama" on the cardboard that comes with the eraser? We explain it in the full description below.

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€1.49 (tax incl.)
  • Pink
  • Lilac
  • Brown
  • Blue
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Adorable kawaii alpacas to erase

Alpacas are very "cute" animals, because they are like sheep but more hairy and more fun way. These erasers with alpaca shape are ideal to increase your collection of kawaii erasers. Choose between pink, lilac, turquoise or beig.

Why does he put "Llama" on the cardboard product?

A llama and an alpaca, although they may look very similar or almost identical, they are not. Llamas are less friendly animals, they tend to run away when a human comes and if they get angry, they spit! They are also larger, tend to have the highest neck and the longest legs.

Alpacas are more docile and friendly animals, they are more domestic. In fact, there are farms all over the world where you can go with the kids and ride in an alpaca. They are smaller than the llamas and usually have more hair.

So, why have they put "Llama" in the product? Well we do not know, but because of the eraser shape and because the alpacas are more cute, for us they are alpacas :P

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