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  • Pencil Cases

    Pencil Cases

    <h2>Original and Beautiful Pencil Cases</h2> <h3>Store your stationery material in our pencil cases with unique designs</h3> <p>Discover our original school pencil cases. The funniest way to store all your pencils, pens and pretty stationery.</p>
  • Pencil Sharpeners

    Pencil Sharpeners

    <h2>Original and Beautiful Pencil Sharpeners</h2> <h3>Sharpen your pencils in an original and funny way</h3> <p>Discover the most original and fun pencil sharpeners. A pencil sharpener with the shape of a pencil sharpener? No! How about a rabbit-shaped pencil sharpener? Or in the shape of a spaceship? Or in the shape of a kitten? Or in the shape of... ?</p>
  • Backpacks and Transportation

    Backpacks and Transportation

    <h2>Original and Beautiful Bags and Backpacks</h2> <h3>To carry all your stationery, there is nothing better like a good bag or a comfortable and nice backpack.</h3> <p>Here in LissAngel we offer you a selection of original bags and backpacks so you can carry your notebooks and pretty stationery.</p>
  • Saving Stationery Packs

    Saving Stationery Packs

    <h2>Beautiful Stationery Saving Packs</h2> <h3>Save money now with our stationery packs</h3> <p>If you are missing or need several stationery things, check out our packs. They come out very cheap and with them you will have a lot of cool things... Erasers, pencil sharpeners, pencils, rulers...</p>
  • Miscellaneous Stationery

    Miscellaneous Stationery

    <h2>Miscelaneous Stationery Things</h2> <h3>Find here various products of beautiful stationery that do not have their own category.</h3> <p>Such as clip holders, bookmarks, rulers... and even other products that, although they do not have to do directly with what is "stationery", they do have something related to paper :)</p>
  • Stationery Surprise Boxes

    Stationery Surprise Boxes

    <h2>Beautiful Stationery Surprise Boxes</h2> <h3>Ready to surprise and give original stationery?</h3> <p>LissBox, that is the name of our variety of original stationery surprise boxes, nice and fun. Do not know what to give? With our surprise boxes you will be sure. A careful selection of our original stationery products fills all our surprise boxes. Get them ready to make an original gift to the person you love... or yourself! You can also customize them!</p>
A small detail that will delight the little ones. A surprise egg! And also set in Star Wars. Inside there are fun and varied surprises. Ready to open it? We tell you more in the full description below.
Pack of 5 erasers for marine animals lovers. We have 5 different: Whale shark, seahorse, whale, blanket and fish. They are puzzle, dissasemble them and have a great time! You can also erase with them, of course :)
Fierce dinosaurs! The pack of erasers in the shape of dinosaurs that every child will want in their collection. A pack with 5 erasers that are puzzle, can be disassembled. Perfect to play, collect, and also erase :)
Pack of 5 erasers with which all children will enjoy. Composed of 4 erasers in the shape of an airplane and 1 in the shape of a helicopter. They are puzzle, they can be dissasembled!
A pack of 5 erasers to have a great time. All kinds of kitchen objects with which to play or erase. They are also puzzle, disassemble them and put them back together :)
This large Pusheen pencil case is an ideal complement for all the fans of pretty stationery and Pusheen The Cat. Made of transparent plastic and zipper closure with a soft pompom. Original licensed product. More...
€4.45 €5.45
Ready to go shopping? Get a cute shopping bag like this one! With a nice tabby cat saying "MEOW" on both sides of the bag. Resistant and pretty as none :) We tell you more in the full description below.
What do sheeps say? Baaaaaaaaaaaag! Well that's it, an original and super cool cotton bag with the design of a funny kawaii sheep. Zip top closure and inside pocket!
A perfect bag or sack for the little ones in the house. Adorable design with the face of a black cat and a crown... It's a princess cat! A perfect bag to take the snack! Closing with sliding rope on top.
Is there anything more adorable than a kitten? This fun bag or sack, ideal to take children's lunch for example, is perfect. Closing with sliding rope on top.
Simplicity, efficiency, ease of use and brilliant colors. That's what these beautiful sharpeners with deposit have. Why ask for more? Get these cheap pencil sharpeners and start using them now. Choose between red,...
What will pineapples have to be one of the most fashionable fruits? Take a pineapple with you with this practical and original cotton tote bag with handles, zipper and inside pocket. An ideal bag to carry practically...

Miscelaneous Stationery Material

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