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Refills for Gel Pens - Pack 70 Units - 0.5 mm Needle Tip


70 UNITS PACK. Don't throw away your precious gel pen when you run out of ink! As in our section of pens we have many pens that use these refills, now we offer them to buy individually and thus, you can give a second life to those empty pens. They are refills of gel ink, black color, with a 0.5mm needle tip. Length 13cm. Look at the second photo and check that the design of the tip and total length is the same. In general, they are suitable for practically all gel pens with this type of tip.

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Give your pens a second life with these gel ink refills

70 UNITS PACK. Virtually all gel ink pens with a 0.5mm needle tip have the same type of refill. So now you can get hold of these refills and give your empty pens a second life.
This type of refills and ink in general stand out for their fine, complete and perfect lines. Ideal for writing with great precision.

13cm length

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Ratings and comments from our customers

Cubre sobradamente mis expectativas. Pensaba que tendría que tirar mi boli por no encontrar recambios pero con estos recambios podré darle una segunda vida (y tercera y cuarta, ...). La punta es más fina del que tenía (y de lo que esperaba) pero escribe igual de bien.





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