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Squishy Pen MP - Kawaii Cat Paw | Super soft and cuddly | anti stress | blue gel ink


All the cuteness of a cat in this squishy pen in the shape of a kawaii cat paw. Another creation of the Spanish stationery brand MP. You can squeeze it all you want, and also write with it. The entire body of the pen is a slow recovery squishy with a silky touch. The pen is extra smooth writing, blue gel ink and 0.5 mm stroke. The ink can be changed once it runs out.

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Squishy pen for cat lovers

You could not miss a squishy pen for "cat lovers" :) From the MP Crafts and Stationery brand, we bring you this squishy pen in the shape of a cat's paw, very adorable.
Super soft, with the entire exterior of the pen that is a slow recovery or "slow rising" squishy. The pen writes very smooth and fine thanks to its blue gel ink and 0.5 mm stroke.
In addition, it is not the typical pen that, once you spend it, no longer works. All MP squishy pens have replaceable ink. Replace it when it runs out and enjoy a new pen every time.

Did your pen come with a scratch? Read this:

Has your squishy pen come with a mark like the one in the photo? It seems that it is quite common, since it is the mark of the cardboard where the pens are held. This mark is present in almost all the pens, but it is noticeable in some more than in others. We have spoken to MP and they do not consider this to be a product defect. For this reason, from LissAngel we will not make changes or refunds for this reason.
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Product Details

Data sheet

Width (cm)
2 cm (4 cm most wide extreme)
Length (cm)
Ink color
Ink Type
External decoration
Kind of product
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