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LissBox Surprise Box - Pretty Stationery (Customized)

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€24.95 (tax incl.)
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Ratings and comments from our customers
( 5.0 / 5) - 17 feedback(s)

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The best customizable beautiful stationery surprise box

Guaranteed satisfaction

Small - 24,95€

For all budgets and pockets.

Medium - 44,95€

With more quantity and / or more value products

Big - 64,95€

The most generous and complete box.

1 : Name

In the first personalization box, write the name of the person who will receive the box. It will be printed on the left book page.

2 : Message

In the second personalization box, write the message of motivation, dedication, etc., that you want to appear. It is the one that appears on book second page.

3 : Likes

In the third box, it is important that you tell us a little about the person who is going to receive the box. Data such as their age, whether they are a boy or a girl, their likes... All this will help us a lot to make the perfect box.

3 : Save

You must touch the "Save Personalization" button so that what you have written is saved. Later, the "Add to Cart" button will appear.

4 : Size

Then choose the size between small, medium or big. It's done! Now you add it to the cart and finish the order :)



Give away

If you only want the gift-wrapped box you should not mark it. All our surprise boxes are already wrapped with gift paper. If you want us to add an additional card inside the box, with your personalized message, you must mark it (additional cost of €1).

Yes and no. In the boxes we add products that we also sell alone in the store, but we also have many other products that are not for sale on the web nor are they visible. By this we mean just take as a guideline what your surprise box might carry based on the products we sell, but we have many more beautiful products in stock.

We are specializing in surprise boxes, so little by little we will have more surprise boxes and fewer alone products on the web, which does not mean that we have few products to add to the boxes, quite the opposite :)

We cannot give you a fixed number because we do not fill the boxes based on a certain number of products, but on their total value.

As an example: We try that, for example, the small box has more products of lower value so that there is more quantity. On the contrary, in the big box there is logically a greater quantity of products, but they are also of greater value.

What we always try to do is make the box full enough so that it does not appear empty.

If you have seen a product in our store that makes you especially excited that we add it to your surprise box, you just have to say so :)

Leave a comment in the comments field that you will find in the shopping cart, just below the total and before the confirm order button.

Please note that the product you choose may not fit in the box, either because of size or value. Example: You want us to put an A4 folder in the surprise box (the surprise boxes are smaller). Or you want to put a notebook that costs €15 in the small surprise box (we could hardly put anything else anymore).

In any case, we will contact you if we need any clarification.

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Surprise Boxes
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Ratings and comments from our customers

Me ha sorprendido!! Me ha gustado todo, aunque igual no cuenta, que soy una loca de las cosas de papelería... Aún así, el detalle del envoltorio como si fuera un regalo para mi misma... Me ha encantado!! Y el contenido sobre todo!! Alguna cosa no la voy a utilizar, pero así puedo regalarla también a otras locas de la papelería como yo... jajaja
Me ha encantado el papel de regalo que habéis puesto . TODO IDEAL PRECIOSO Y sois muy detallista!!! Me encantó el regalitos por el pedido. Muchísimas gracias !!! Ha sido la primera vez que he hecho un pedido con vosotros y no va a ser la última. Además sois súper atentos. Gracias
Todo muy chulo me gusta mucho lleva un poco de todo genial





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