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Oil Burner Birds in Love

Original fragrance oil burner made of wood with white ceramic bowls. Perfect for aromatherapy, its appearance with the light off and lighted candle is very romantic, with two birds in love.

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Quemador PA2
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A beautiful way to use aromatherapy

One of the most romantic fragrance oil burners for aromatherapy that you'll find. Elegant design with two birds in love and many hearts carved in the wood, makes this a nice piece of decoration too.

When the candle is lit, if you turn out the light, you will see the silhouette of the birds, hearts and the word "Love" projected on the wall. A very pleasant atmosphere of romance with your favorite fragrance being released into the room.

Made with a wooden structure has two white ceramic bowls, an upper square to pour oil fragrance and a lower round to place the candle. With the purchase of the oil burner, we add a candle for free!

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Quemador PA2

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